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James Conrado is a multi-national, multi-talented actor and producer based in Melbourne, Australia. With a skillset that excels both in front of and behind the camera, James’ passion for film is rooted in the powerful possibilities for self-exploration that are held in the silver screen.

Although James was born in Germany, he has his diverse heritage including the Philippines, Portugal and the Czech Republic to thank for his unique and exotic look.

James graduated from TAFTA (The Australian Film And Television Academy) and has since acted in various screen and stage productions. He’s also celebrated success on the international festival circuit with ‘Grandpa,’ a short film he produced. His producing experience makes him the kind of actor that’s a pleasure to work with on set: respectful, disciplined, trustworthy and down to earth.

Prior to his foray into film, James was an international martial arts performer, performing as part of an opening act of some of Europe’s largest martial arts events. His love of performing has led him to also pursue Latin Dancing, which he still loves to this day. James is an emotionally versatile screen performer and as easy-going as he is driven. He’s got some pretty diverse interests, from travelling to reading and spending time with his family, to learning ‘old world’ skills such as straight razor shaving and mead making.